Throughout much of our 76-year history, RPM maintained a holding company structure with minimal interaction between operating businesses. More recently, we have intentionally shifted our culture to increase contact between RPM associates of different backgrounds, functional expertise and businesses. These connections allow RPM associates to share information and experiences, which helps us create a more cohesive, nimble and highly innovative organization.

to form networks.

We introduced a new Employee Resource Group (ERG) in 2022, Women of RPM, which has created a forum where RPM associates across the globe can network, develop their careers and support diversity and inclusion.

to recognize associates.

Our Connections Creating Value Awards recognize RPM companies that have best exemplified successful collaboration to grow their businesses. The awards are presented at our annual Global Leadership Meeting, which brings together senior leaders from around the world. In 2023, the DayGlo Color Corporation (SPG) received the award for doubling intercompany sales between DayGlo and Rust-Oleum (Consumer) and intercompany volume between DayGlo and CPG over the last two years. SPG is the segment with the highest amount of intercompany sales, for which DayGlo is a major contributor.


A group working together at one of our Better Conversations Every Day (BCE) workshops. BCE is a simple and practical approach to teaching a set of complex skills. When applied to real workplace challenges, these behaviors build trust, fuel connection and collaboration and build better business outcomes.

to leverage data driven decision making.

In 2018, as part of MAP, we initiated a process to consolidate 75 instances of ERP systems into 4 – one for each segment. We are pleased to report in 2023 that this process is nearly complete, and we are beginning to realize the benefits of our hard work. Connecting data across RPM allows our associates to work together to make more informed decisions across manufacturing, procurement, sales and administration, and enables many of the MAP 2025 initiatives that are being put into place.

“Our culture is brought to life through our talented associates and their ability to connect with others.”

to innovate and share ideas

Once a year, over 450 associates from R&D, marketing, operations and other areas across RPM businesses connect for the R&D Summit, a two-day symposium where these associates have an opportunity to meet their colleagues, share ideas and help each other find solutions to address customer needs. These connections foster follow-up meetings across RPM throughout the year.



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