With additional opportunities to connect, RPM associates are increasing collaboration every day to operate more efficiently and better serve our customers. This collaboration is occurring between and across businesses, geographies and functions, and the results continue to strengthen our company.

to build resiliency

In September 2021, our Construction Products Group purchased a chemical manufacturing facility in Corsicana, Texas. An explosion at a supplier’s plant resulted in a major supply disruption, which had an acute negative impact on our Consumer Group. Corsicana began producing raw materials to fill the gap. This collaboration between segments played a critical role in helping RPM rebound from the supply chain disruption, contributed to strong sales in the first half of fiscal year 2023, and significantly helped CPG more than quadruple its intercompany sales since fiscal year 2018. Corsicana is now producing raw materials for all four segments.

to speed innovation

In fiscal year 2023, we neared completion of a coatings Innovation Center of Excellence in Greensboro, North Carolina. This center will be overseen by our Specialty Products Group while serving as a shared resource for all four segments to encourage further collaboration and accelerate the introduction of new coatings products.

“These opportunities to collaborate across functions, segments and geographies make RPM a stronger and more efficient company.”

to offer new solutions.

The roof can be one of the most dangerous places on a construction site. With safety first and zero injuries in mind, our Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance business (CPG) partnered with Fibergrate fiberglass-reinforced plastic solutions (PCG) to enhance their roofing maintenance offerings by providing customers with customizable solutions that reduce slips and falls on the roof.

to better serve our customers.

Not all collaboration at RPM is across segments. Within our Construction Products Group, our divisions are now collaborating and offering systems to customers, rather than individual products. Providing more holistic solutions creates value for the customer, not only because it streamlines their procurement process, but also because it allows us to offer warranties for the entire building envelope since we know the components of our systems are compatible.



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